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Robert Pattinson Thinks It's Hard To Meet and Make Friends In Hollywood (Report)

Robert Pattinson may be one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but that doesn't mean that he has any easier time making friends. Reportedly, Pattinson finds it hard to establish good relationships in Hollywood.

"I just met Rob once. He’s a cool guy," Todd Michael Schultz told about Pattinson's party he attended. "We were talking about Canyons [Bret's movie]. I brought it up and we were talking about a certain vibe of LA. Like in LA no one wants to hang out because its a 20-minute drive. Its that kind of vibe. It’s hard to connect really deeply because there’s a lack of community. What’s the moral consequence of that? I was talking about that and Rob was mostly like, ‘Yeah.’"

According to, most of Pattinson's friends are from England and the one good friend he has out here is Katy Perry. Pattinson is said to be leaning on Perry through his breakup with Kristen Stewart.

Stewart nor Perry were at Pattinson's party over the weekend, but other famous faces were including Ondi Timoner, Dianne Warren, E.L. James, Lisa Zane and Warren Beatty.


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