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Robert Pattinson Spotted Moving Out Of Kristen Stewart's House, Did Katy Perry Play A Role In Their Break Up?

Following their break up, Robert Pattinson was seen moving his stuff out of Kristen Stewart's house.

Pattinson was seen arriving to Stewart's Los Feliz home around 4 p.m. on Sunday and leaving 45 minutes later with several bags, boxes and his dogs. Stewart was said to be home and Pattinson looked visibly upset when he left.

E! News reported on Sunday, that Pattinson and Stewart broke up and that she is "heartbroken" and "so so sad" about it. The couple was said to be having problems with "priorities" and other issues causing the breakup.

However, another source tells E! News that Katy Perry also played a role in the breakup and so did Stewart's affair with Rupert Sanders.


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