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Robert Pattinson Hits the Bars

It’s recently been reported that Robert Pattinson has been licking his wounds by holding up at the home of Reese Witherspoon.

I think it is safe to say, Robert is officially feeling better. Sorry, Kristen.

The “Twilight” actor, who has been hiding out away from the spotlight since girlfriend Kristen Stewart confirmed she’d cheated on him with her married director, was spotted “getting wasted” at a bar in Ojai, Calif., over the weekend.

Maybe he feels invisible. He did once say, “If I Were Invisible, I’d Get Really Drunk.”

I truly hope this kid knows he’s better off.

Ojai is about a 90 minutes from the home the 26-year-old used to share with Kristen. I wonder if she could “sense” him there, perhaps smell him?

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