Robert Pattinson "Gets Carried Away" Kissing Kristen Stewart


Robert Pattinson admits that even though he and Kristen Stewart are surrounded by tons of people and cameras during the filming of “Breaking Dawn”, that during their kissing scenes, he gets carried away.

Rob and Kristen are heating up the screen with their real life and on-screen romance!

During their erotic sex scenes, Rob can’t keep himself on a professional level. In a recent interview, he said, “When we start the kissing scenes I forget we’re surrounded by a load of people. I actually end up getting really carried away.”

He went on to reveal, “It’s only when the kiss is finished that my mind registers there’s actually a full set of people around, and I just walk away embarrassed.”

Too funny! It’s good that he’s so into the part!

He even said that when the work day is done, he still takes Kristen to bed with him, in his dreams. He admitted that he dreamt about Kristen the night before the interview took place.

How cute is that? I can’t wait to see this movie already!

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