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Twilight Star Robert Pattinson Gets Dating Advice from Dad

"Twilight Saga" actor Robert Pattinson  – who is dating his costar Kristen Stewart – admits his father, Richard, loves to give him tips on how to be a perfect gentleman. Discussing an email sent to him by his dad, he said: “He sends me these great things, I got one the other day.

I’m sorry to do this, but I thought it was so sweet… He always phrases these emails in a very formal way. He’s like, ‘Dear Rob, I’ve been thinking about gestures, and a good one in my opinion is to kiss a lady’s hand. It’s very romantic and refined. Offer her hand ostensibly to kiss… Shake and then the kiss. I impressed your mother that way.’ ”

While the 24-year-old hunk gave away his father’s secrets on how to impress women, Richard blushed from the audience at "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

Robert then embarrassed his father further by announcing his advice on how to accept an Academy Award graciously without looking“vulgar.” Reading another note, Robert laughed: “Dear Rob, I was thinking last night about Yves Montand, the great French actor.

And I thought about his elegant way of acknowledging the audience at an Oscar ceremony by gripping his wrist with one hand and raising both arms aloft… I know I’ve mentioned this before, but the reason I was thinking about it was because I watched a program last night on TV featuring some current celebrities here, and I was shocked by how vulgar they were.”


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