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Robert Pattinson Drinks to Cope with Fame

Robert Pattinson may be an A-list movie star, but that doesn’t mean he knows how to cope with fame.  His solution to coping with stardom is to get drunk.

The British actor joked with the Mirrorthat besides getting drunk,

“I want to get really good at fighting,” he says. “Then you can just walk down the street and fight back. Or get a gun.”

He also said he wishes he could stay in a s**** hotel and be able to hang out with everyone.

“I just try to find places where it’s more important for them to keep your business than sell you out. Everybody wants to sell you out-even other customers.”

Pattinson also spoke about how he has no intention to court publicity in order to boost his career, explaining

“most actors encourage the attention because they think it will make them have a more lasting career. I don’t think that’s the case.  The more you reveal, the less interesting people find you.  Mystery lasts a lot longer.”

Speaking of mystery – Pattinson’s girlfriend and co-star of the Twilight series, Kristen Stewart agrees the idea of remaining mysterious.

What do you think about how Robert deals with fame?


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