Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Want to Return to Kristen Stewart, Los Angeles?


Robert Pattinson had reportedly been enjoying his time away from the Los Angeles spotlight and insiders claim he is not looking forward to returning to the Hollywood spotlight.

Or at least that’s the latest salacious, probably-not-true rumor floating on the web.

“The set really is in the middle of nowhere, a good drive from Adelaide so it’s been the ideal setting for him to forget all his troubles and bury himself in his work,” a source supposedly close to the star told RadarOnline.

The source also claims Pattinson has been using the time to evaluate whether or not he wants to continue his relationship with Kristen Stewart.

“It’s the peace and quiet he has needed since his relationship woes with Kristen, and the perfect way to reevaluate things,” they continued. “But, with just short of three weeks left of filming, Robert’s beginning to get nervous about returning to LA and Kristen.”

Stewart has kept herself busy enough while Pattinson has been away, golfing with friends and having “relationship talks” with other Twilight co-star Taylor Laughtner.

Regardless of what Pattinson decides, it will involve a chat with Stewart upon his arrival in Los Angeles. I’m sure Hollywood is just dying to hear his decision.



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