Robert Pattinson Buys Kristen Stewart A $40,000 Birthday Present


Kristen Stewart celebrated her 23rd birthday this week with Robert Pattinson and close friends and even though Stewart didn't want a big gift, it seems Pattinson may have gotten her one anyway. Pattinson reportedly bought her a $40,000 pen!

“Kristen has always collected pens, and has a variety of stylish ones,” a source told HollywoodLife. “Rob decided to go big for her birthday this year and bought her a limited edition white gold Tibaldi Bentley Crewe fountain pen. He had her name specially engraved on it with the year and wording: ‘From R.’”

Forty thousand dollars for a pen may seem outrageous, but it turns out there is only 40 of these pens in the world.

"The pens have a two-tone 18-carat yellow gold nib covered in rhodium and ruthenium,” the source continued. "The barrel is identical to Bentley’s dashboard used in their earliest car.”

A source previously said that Stewart didn't want anything but time with Pattinson, but it looks like he found the perfect gift.

“As far as gifts are concerned, she doesn’t want anything because she feels like she already has everything. Spending time with Rob is the best birthday present for her,” the friend continued. “If she were to want a gift from Rob, it would be another rescue dog. Another friend for Bear and Bernie…another member of the family.”


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