Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on Verge of Another Break Up?

Numerous tabloids have recently reported that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are only staying together to help Twilight boost its publicity and DVD sales.  Not surprisingly, the tabloids have probably been lying.

Among the nonsense: In recent weeks, allegedly in an effort to bring more attention to their relationship now that DVD sales are starting to drop, Stewart has been trying to make Pattinson jealous by flirting with other guys. Pattinson has reportedly sought revenge by ignoring Stewart during her Oscars appearance. All lies, probably.

The couple was forced to separate because of Pattinson filming The Rover in Australia, and gossip gurus have had an unnecessary field day with the couple ever since. Here are just a few of the reports:

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Kristen Stewart Replacing Robert Pattinson with Jim Sturgess? Stars have 'Major Chemistry' Together on Set of 'The Big Shoe'

The reports about Stewart and Pattison constantly contradict each other, so it’s no surprise no one knows what the truth is anymore. Stewart’s previous fling with director Rupert Sanders over the summer always seeps into the reports somehow, and tabloid reporters can talk for days about the fact that Kristen Stewart might be wearing Robert Pattinson’s shirt, as if it offers any significant insight into the couple’s relationship.

Of all the rumors that fly around about the couple though, few if any of them come from reputable sources. That means that for now we can assume the couple will remain happily together, regardless of Twilight DVD sales.



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