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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Touch Down in Texas For Her Birthday

Kristen Stewart is celebrating her 23rd birthday on April 9 and the Twilight actress and her beau, Robert Pattinson, have touched down in Texas to celebrate.

“OMG, I think I just saw Kristen of Twilight here, in Marfa with a red-hair-girl and her boy,” a fan wrote.

“Robert Pattinson in Marfa!!!," another fan wrote.

The duo were spotted in Marfa, a small town in Texas, with friends Scout Compton and Alannah Campion.

As previously reported, Stewart plans to spend a quiet birthday with Pattinson and friends.

“As far as gifts are concerned, she doesn’t want anything because she feels like she already has everything. Spending time with Rob is the best birthday present for her,” a source told HollywoodLife. “If she were to want a gift from Rob, it would be another rescue dog. Another friend for Bear and Bernie…another member of the family.”


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