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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Having a Hard Time Being Apart?

Kristen Stewart has allegedly been ignoring pursuits from Rupert Sanders in an effort to stabilize her relationship with Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately, according to the tabloids at least, Pattinson might not have the same agenda.

Photos of Pattinson with various Australian fans have recently shown up online, around the same time Kristen Stewart was seen by herself on the red carpet of the Oscars sporting crutches. Pattinson is currently in Australia filming The Rover.

One fan named Louise posted a photo on Instagram of her and Pattinson at the Leigh Creek Tavern on February 25, with this caption (bold is ours): “Just a casual Monday sesh. #robertpattinson #lovedmyhair #mademeblush #tookhisorder #gavehimgarlicbread #wetight #bff #XXXX #luckygirl #luckyguy #sadhisgone, #hadconnection #mustbelove #hastag #somuchtosay #robo #pattsy #theroever."

One source told Hollywood Life that Stewart was depressed at the Oscars because of her lack of communication with Pattinson.

“She thought Rob would at least call and congratulate her but he didn’t at all,” the source said. “She kept her phone near and checked it for texts but they never came.”

Between her injury and the lack of contact with Pattinson, the Oscars were less than great for Kristen Stewart. But who knows? Maybe the two Twilight stars will be able to rekindle their relationship when he gets back to the States.

(Hollywood Life)


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