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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Get Married?

I really can’t figure out who still cares about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart relationship rumors, but the tabloids are at it again, this time claiming the two are going to elope together so they can have children.


Recent and equally uninspiring stories about the two of them have suggested that Pattinson might be calling it quits with Stewart once he gets back from filming The Rover in Australia.

That obviously proved to be untrue.

According to one insider—who is obviously fake—“Rob has always had this romantic notion of making a baby. And he’s not even talking weddings on the beach, or in a castle, in some far of country. For Rob, eloping means slipping away to someplace in the backwoods, finding a priest, and coming back married.”

As if the ridiculous nature of that comment isn’t enough to make people believe it’s a lie, the source continues, “If he feels for someone else he knows he’d always be thinking about Kristen. What she was doing, who she was with. The truth is, he needs to be with her and she clearly feels the same about him.”

It’s honestly hard to decide who to feel worse for—Pattinson and Stewart who the rumors are about, or all the people who still care about it.

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