Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry Party In New York, Did Kristen Stewart Know?

Robert Pattinson is currently in New York City on a solo trip and earlier this week he was spotted at a Daughter concert. However, Pattinson was not the only big name celeb at the concert. Reportedly Katy Perry was there too.

Pattinson, Perry and Kristen Stewart are all said to be friends, but according to Heat Magazine, Stewart is uncomfortable with how close Pattinson and Perry are.

“Katy was Kristen’s friend first, but she gets on with Rob brilliantly. It’s clear to everyone that Rob’s got a bit of a crush on Katy and she totally plays up to it,” a source told Heat magazine. “They wouldn’t act on it, but it still makes Kristen feel insecure.”

Stewart is currently in L.A. and it is unclear when her and Pattinson will be reuniting.


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