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Robert Kardashian's Weight Gain Affecting His "Manhood"

Robert Kardashian's weight gain may be one source of stress for the reality star, but according to him there is one other very important area that is being affected.

“Every time I hop in the shower and see myself naked, I cry,” Kardashian said. “Because my penis looks so small now.”

Kardashian has spoken out before about his 50-pound weight gain following his breakup from Rita Ora, but never in such detail.

"All I did was waste a lot of money and gain 40 punds," Kardashian told his sisters about his breakup with Ora. "I need to focus on me. That's all I wanna be about."

Though Kardashian is struggling with his weight gain, there is one upside to the whole ordeal.

”The upside is, every time you lose 10 pounds, you gain an inch on your penis," Kardashian joked.


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