Brit Pop Star Robbie Williams Injects Testosterone to Combat Lethargy


In a cover interview with Esquire magazine, Robbie Williams has told how he has began injecting himself with testosterone twice daily in order to deal with what he calls "Chronic Lethargy". Jesus Christ Robbie, you're from Stoke - MAN UP.

Testosterone, helpfully called a sex hormone by The Sun, was used after Robbie asked his doctor for Human Growth Hormone, something people in LA use when they realise they caned it too much in their 30s and don't want skin with the elasticity of play dough. During tests, Robbie was found to have low levels of Testosterone, so obviously opted to get a load of that whacked in too.

Now we called NHS Direct about using Testosterone as an energy booster - they hadn't heard of it (although now I have a sodding doctor phoning me back to discuss my chronic lethargy) being used in that way before - so we hit the internet, God's way of showing you what's true and what isn't.

Interestingly the Google results that come back for "testosterone lethargy" mostly come from bodybuilding websites where people are complaining of the side-effects of anabolic steroid use. FYI WE ARE IN NO WAY INSINUATING THAT Robbie Williams USES ANABOLIC STEROIDS BUT THAT'S WHAT MUSCLE MARYS ARE USING IT FOR.

Anyway, the interesting part of all this is that Robbie just can't seem to give up having some form of crutch in his life. His history of Class As and booze is well documented in the fantastic Chris Heath book, which he replaced with a fairly aggressive caffeine addiction (if I recall correctly he was doing 11 espressos a day) and now he's doing that LA thing where "healthy" stuff is used to sate the psychological need to be "taking something".

He'll be taking an oxygen bar on tour with him next. Come on dude - testosterone for lethargy?

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