Video: Rob Lowe & Bradley Cooper Trash Sarah Jessica Parker


Rob Lowe and Bradley Cooper apparently enjoyed teaming up to “defame” Sarah Jessica Parker.  Check out what the actors said on the British talk show “The Graham Norton Show” in the video below.

It sounds as if Rob Lowe and Bradley Cooper don’t care for “Sex and the City” actress Sarah Jessica Parker after having nasty run-ins with her during their careers.

Rob Lowe, who previously dated Parker, revealed she was angry about his recent autobiography “Stories I Only Tell My Friends”, because he didn’t like that he got her eye color wrong.

Lowe said: “She was p***ed. She was like, ‘Look, I can’t believe you don’t remember my eyes are blue.’”

‘The Hangover II’ star Bradley Cooper, who worked with Sarah in both “Sex and the City” and the flick “Failure to Launch” said his time with the actress was not very pleasant.

Cooper explained: “Sarah Jessica Parker, to keep defaming her, she had a third party say to me, ‘Don’t put your tongue in her mouth.’”.

Rob added: “She likes those third parties.”

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