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Rob Kardashian Goes on Twitter Rampage Against Ex Rita Ora?

Rob Kardashian is not done airing his grievances over his ruined relationship.

Early Monday, the reality TV star, who reportedly split with Rita Ora over the weekend, went on a Twitter tirade in which he didn’t refer to the singer by name, but wrote, “She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together.”

He subsequently deleted his earlier tweets, but not before “Rita Whora” became a trending topic on Twitter.

Now, Kardashian has resumed his very public discussion of the situation.

“When a woman cheats on you with one man I can live with that. People make mistakes, trust me. I have forgiven numerous times,” begins the onetime “Dancing with the Stars” contestant.

He continues, “But when a woman disrespects herself by messing with more than 20 men all while being in a relationship with a Faithful man… I just don’t get how a woman can do that to her body. And your career hasn’t even launched yet. I don’t put up with sloppiness. LOYALTY.”

Kardashian adds, “This is a lesson to all the young women out there to not have unprotected sex with multiple men especially while in a relationship.”

“RESPECT THY SELF!” he declares.

In case Kardashian decides to delete these tweets, too, they’ve been screen grabbed below.


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