Parents TV Council Slams New Rihanna Video for Murder Storyline


Rihanna‘s new video for the song Man Down was released on Tuesday and has come into the cross hairs of the Parents Television Council.

The group claims that the singer’s video depicts a “cold, calculated execution of murder”.

Man Down shows Rihanna pulling a gun and killing the man who raped her in a crowded street, which the council thinks is Riri’s idea of proper justice and retribution.

Another watchdog group called Industry Ears brings up Rihanna’s ex by saying “If Chris Brown shot a woman in his new video and BET premiered it, the world would stop. Rihanna should not get a pass …”

The BET network is also getting some backlash for airing the video.


While admittedly, the scene is quite violent and not pleasant to watch by any stretch of the imagination, I do not think that Rihanna is glorifying anything.

In fact, if these groups actually paid closer attention to say the LYRICS of the song, they might have seen the reality of the singer’s message:

I didn’t mean to end his life
I know it wasn’t right
I cant even sleep at night
Cant get it off my mind
I need to get out of sight
Before I end up behind bars

What started out as a simple altercation
Turned into a real sticky situation
Me just thinking on the time that im facing
Makes me wanna cry.

Clearly, this is not a woman who thought it was a good idea to commit murder.

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