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Rihanna Says Chris Brown is Still in Her Life

Parts of Rihanna'sinterview with Oprah Winfrey have been dribbling out over the internet for the last few days and in this latest clip she admits that she still 'loves' Chris Brown and that he is, in fact, in her life. But as friends only. 'He's in a relationship' says RiRi. But despite that, the two are working together to build trust and have a 'friendship'.

While I did not watch this interview at all (only snippets on the web), I know Oprah has been very vocal about the dangers of taking back an abuser. And while these two may not be doing the nasty, there is still something very dangerous about welcoming an abuser back into your life like Rihanna is.

Sure people make mistakes, and those mistakes are easier to forgive when the abuser actually shows remorse. A video of her saying she was worried for him after he abused her can be found here with an accurate write-up about how screwed up this is.


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