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Rihanna Requests Chris Brown Restraining Order Dropped

Rihanna is apparently the forgiving type -- she has asked that the restraining order against former boyfriend Chris Brown be dropped.

The singer's lawyer, Donald Etra, told E! News that Rihanna requested that the order be dropped to level one, meaning Brown can have contact with Rihanna, as long as he doesn't annoy, molest or harass her.

Brown's attorney Mark Geragos has been informed of Rihanna's approval, but he still has to go to court and ask a judge to officially change the order. There's no word on when that will happen.

People have speculated that a reunion could occur at the Grammy awards on Sunday -- a fitting day, since Brown assaulted Rihanna in his car on Grammy night two years ago. But Brown will miss the awards show due to prior commitments. 

Brown appeared in court in Los Angeles on January 28 for a progress report in the assault case. The judge announced that Brown completed his year-long domestic violence class "in fine fashion."

At that time, Geragos asked that the restraining order be dropped because it could be a "problem with award shows."


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