Rihanna Releases River Island Collection

Rihanna and River Island have teamed up to present a collection of clothes that you can't really wear with normal underwear, and which you'll be seeing on approximately every terrifying young person you come across this Summer! Exciting!

OK, OK, truth be told, it's not as bad as we imagined when we first heard that Rihanna would be Doing Fashion, but it's also not really anything to write home about. The whole lot looks like it could have come from the wardrobe Rihanna probably labels Coachella/Trip To The Shops, which we guess is the point. Much as Kate Moss' collections for Topshop gave you a chance to feel like Mossy for a high street price, we guess this collection will allow young ladies up and down the country to live like Rihanna, though it's unlikely her designs come with a baggie of sweet, sweet Mary-Jane for the full RiRi effect...

Let's talk about the threads, eh? There's a lot of stretchy shiny fabric, dungaree detailing and bodycon. Ooh, and thigh high slits. And it's nice to see Rihanna's still going for the mullet hem (puke) and the bralet... It all feels a little, shall we say, 2012, though. We're sure that won't stop the kids snapping it up. And it's certainly all about a million times nicer than the majority of bizzarely sloganed, over sequinned tat that River Island usually foists on the high street, so that's nice.

Tell you what's not nice, though: physically, violently attacking a victim of domestic abuse because you're annoyed that they've gone back to their abusive ex. That's what someone did to Rihanna over the weekend, outside The Box. Can we just look at the logic here? Someone is so annoyed that Rihanna, who they have never met and who owes them nothing, is making her own choices (they may be bad choices, but they're hers and she's a grown woman) and they disagree so much with the choice to possibly put herself in a violent situation again, that they violently attack her by throwing a bottle at her. And then she fell over and hurt her knee. Well done, to whichever shit for brains douchebag thought that was a good idea. Seriously. Well done.


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