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Rihanna Parties With Ex-Boyfriend, JR Smith, Until Early Morning Hours (Report)

Rihanna was reportedly seen partying until 4 a.m. with her ex-boyfriend, JR Smith of the New York Knicks.

“Rihanna arrived with her girlfriends at Greenhouse around 1 am. Rihanna had security escort her down to the DJ booth table where Iman Shumpert and ex-boyfriend and bad boy JR Smith were sitting," a source told HollywoodLife. "The Knicks players had just beat the Celtics and they were out celebrating. It was really clear to everyone that there is some awkward tension still between RiRi and JR, but she was dancing really sexy in front of him, showing off almost. JR later went up to VIP and sat with Rihanna for a bit after she got on the mic to shout out to the NY Knicks, ‘the greatest team in the world,’ big win.”

Although Rihanna ran into Smith while out, it seemed to be a girls night only.

“Rihanna and her girls danced the night away in VIP with spotlights on them," the source continued. "She knew all eyes were on her. She gave her phone to her assistant for the night and asked to not have it back till ‘after they were done partying’.  Rihanna left with her girls (no guys) around 4 am, out the back door and went back to their hotel, Gansevoort Park. Rihanna stopped by JR’s table on her way out to give him a kiss and a hug.”

Rihanna and Smith reportedly dated in the spring of 2012. Rihanna is now back together with Chris Brown.


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