Rihanna Parties With Ex After Talking Chris Brown Breakup At Concert

Rihanna and Chris brown have parted ways, but the outspoken singer has a few choice words about the relationship and love in general.

"Anybody who thinks love is the most complicated s*** ever?” Rihanna said to the crowd at her Brooklyn concert. “This is for us complicated ones. What the f*** now …”

After the concert, which Brown was reportedly supposed to attend, Rihanna partied with ex-boyfriend, J R Smith.

"On this occasion JR was celebrating his win with the Knicks, while RiRi spent her night drinking cocktails and posing for a bunch of sexy pics," HollywoodLife.com writes.

Brown has recently spoken out about the breakup.

"I mean, at the end of the day, shawty doing her thang, she on the road ... It's always gonna be love. I'm just gonna do me. I'm a grown man. Just gotta fast forward," Brown said. "The way I look at it is, I am always going to love that person. But people have differences and people have different wants and needs. And at the end of the day, she's a young girl. I can't really be focused on wife-ing somebody that young. At the end of the day. And I'm young too. So I can't focus on that right now. I just need to fast forward and be a man and be the best Chris Brown I can be, instead of worrying about whoever else is going to be in my side pocket."


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