Rihanna: "I Provoked Chris Brown to Hit Me"


I have no idea what got into Rihanna. Maybe all these conversations she is having with Chris Brown finally wore her down. On Rihanna's Twitter page, she posted the message below. Yes, she is really saying that she provoked Chris Brown which is why he hit her.

Not completely his fault? This is insanity. What kind of message does this send to people? It is not exactly like she has ever come out and really stood up against the idea of domestic violence or really come down hard on Chris Brown and now she says it is her fault he did it.

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WTF? It is never the victim's fault. People have a choice. To hit or not to hit. We also know this was not the first time. Rihanna is basically saying it is fine to beat the crap out of her because she deserves it. That is just not right and sends a very, very bad message to her over 5 million followers.

The post has been taken down, BUT, there has been no word from Rihanna's people which leads me to believe she is the one who did it and the account was not hacked. Plus, if you hack into her account, is that what you are going to post?


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