Rihanna Given Drugs for Valentine's Day?

There are few things more obnoxious than people who boast about taking drugs. Rihanna’s incessant need to make sure she can’t go through airport security without a cavity search is the equivalent of the twat at work who feels the need to tell everyone in the office how “blitzed” he got at the weekend. No one cares. Anyway, Rihanna got sent a load of weed on February 14th in the shape of a marijuana leaf. She’s really fucking pleased with herself about it.

Earlier on that most romantic of days, RiRi found some old “hilarious” spoof valentine card saying “Mary Jane will be my Valentine” set against a cloud of spliff smoke, so she posted it along with a tweet saying: “Love me...I'm #DOPE” so the whole world could join in her stoned ROFLs.


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