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Rihanna Curses at CBS for Pulling Her Song Off Thursday Night Football

Rihanna cursed CBS today on Twitter after the network suddenly decided it wanted to use a special version of her song "Run This Town" for Thursday Night Football after pulling it last week before a game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Last week, CBS replaced the song with a report by CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell about former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who was all over the news after a video surfaced of him punching then-fiancee (current wife) Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City elevator, noted

CBS claimed it pulled "Run This Town" last Thursday to maintain an “appropriate tone," which critics say was linked to Rihanna being a victim of domestic violence while dating rapper Chris Brown in 2009, reports CNN.

In response to CBS' reinstatement of her tune, Rihanna slammed them on Twitter:

CBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday? NO, F--- you! Y'all are sad for penalizing me for this.

CNN reports that CBS said in a statement after the singers' tweet: "Beginning this Thursday, we will be moving in a different direction with some elements of our 'Thursday Night Football' open."

Sources: CNN, (Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi)


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