Rihanna Causes Riot in Paris, France

Rihanna caused sheer chaos in Paris over the weekend when she tweeted her trainschedule for the world to see!

Later the singer went on a Twitter rant calling the people of France “f**kng Insane!”

The drama all started when the 24-year-old tweeted the number of her Eurostar train and her train’s arrival time at Gare du Nord train station in Paris…

So she obviously knew what she was doing.

Hundreds of screaming fans showed up to the train station to see the “Where Have You Been” singer causing total chaos.

A security chief from the train station was quoted as saying, “It was absolute chaos, and all Rihanna’s fault. What Rihanna did was utterly irresponsible.”

“There was genuine fear among other people at the station,” he added.

After escaping the craziness, Rihanna took to her Twitter to go off on her craze fans. Some of her tweets included:

“The French are f***ing insane!!!”

“FYI, if u push me, you WILL get pushed the phuck back! Papz and crazies included!!!!”

“I just had to fight my way out of a damn train station!!! SMH”

“Y’all are outta control with this s**t in Paris!!!”

She is ridiculous. You post your exact location and time of arrival and then you get mad when your fans show up to take a picture… so dumb.

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