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Is Rihanna Canceling Her Shows Because She is Pregnant?

Rihanna has been canceling many of her shows on her Diamond World Tour due to illness and "unforeseen circumstances," causing many to wonder if those circumstances have something to do with being pregnant.

She was also spotted exiting a Beverly Hills clinic on Tuesday, fueling more rumors.

"Because the info coming from Rihanna's camp has been sketchy…there have been a slew of tabloid stories speculating that she's pregnant," TMZ said.

But Gossip Cop was able to get ahold of a source close to Rihanna who says the rumors are not true and she is not expecting a baby.

It was also rumored that she and Chris Brown broke up this week, but Rihanna posted a photo of them together on Instagram, putting the rumors to rest. At least until next week.

Source: Anything Hollywood, Gossip Cop


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