Rihanna and Miley Cyrus Want to Kiss Each Other

Rihanna recently told TMZ that she would make out with Miley Cyrus if she wanted to.

And before that, Miley Cyrus said she would make out with Rihanna. 

So it's not known what is stopping the two from locking lips.

Miley has made her admiration for Rihanna public recently when she said she thought she should be Maxim's number one on the Hot 100 list. 

Miley seems to be following in the star's footsteps, wearing barely-there outfits and smoking pot. 

She was named Maxim's #1, and accidentally shared that news a little too soon.

"My first reaction was to go straight to Twitter but I had to keep my paws off my phone. I think I announced it four days earlier by accident, but it was all because I was so excited," she said.

Sources: TMZ, Perez Hilton


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