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Rihanna and Chris Brown Ready for a Baby?

Chris Brown and Rihanna recently announced their marriage plans, and there doesn’t seem to be any question about whether or not the two plan to have a baby. The only question that remains is: when? 

25-year-old Rihanna told Elle UK that she’ll “probably have a kid” with Chris. A source close to Chris told, that “Chris feels the same way—he would have a baby with RiRi, but that’s way down the road because they’re both young and in their prime.”

Neither seems to feel pressure to go down the parent road anytime soon, though.

“They don’t pressure each other on stuff like that,” the source told “They’re both mature when it comes to serious stuff. 23 and 25 is too young to be having kids. Right now, they just want to be, you know, enjoying their lives, partying, doing what they do and loving each other. That’s on the agenda for a minutes and they love what they’ve got going.”



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