Rihanna and Chris Brown Getting Married in July?

Apparently all the speculation surrounding the flashy diamond ring that appeared on Rihanna’s finger last week is true. Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting married. Or at least that’s what some news outlets are reporting.

According to PerezHilton.com, the two are planning a ceremony in Rihanna’s home country of Barbados in late July 2013 and an unidentified source already has information about the wedding, saying that it’s going to be “all about swagger, bling and sin.”


“They want tattoo artists, fire breathers and a near-naked waitstaff,” the source also said. “They’re even talking about having pre-rolled joints at the reception.”

Chris Brown’s recent statement that his assault against Rihanna in February 2009 is the “deepest regret of his life” must really have Rihanna believing that he is a changed man. Of course, she was already hooking up with him before that statement, but still.

Not surprisingly, only those who also believe Brown is a changed man will be invited to the wedding. It will probably be a small ceremony.

(Digital Spy)


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