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Rihanna and Chris Brown Fighting Again?

Rihanna and Chris Brown are fighting again. Other than probable death, gee, what could possibly go wrong?

From the Daily Mail:

A source told MailOnline exclusively that the couple refused to acknowledge one another after both arriving at the Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

"Rihanna refused to sit with or even near Chris - and when Chris noticed she was there, he made a huge show of rubbing his presence in her face," said the source. "He promptly ordered three more bottles of ace of spades which came out with in a procession of sparklers and scantily clad cocktail waitresses, causing a spectacle, which he clearly wanted Rihanna to see."

The singers never once communicated with each other during the course of the evening as they sat across the room from one another, said the source.


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