Rihanna and Chris Brown Engaged?

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown engaged?  Appearing at the Grammy Awards in a red see through gown, Rihanna may have forgottento wear a bra, but that wasn’t what was blowing up Twitter.  It was the ring on her finger.  Her ring finger.

It has only been four years since the couple were a no show at the Grammy Awards after Chris Brown brutally attacked pop-star Rihanna, leaving her a bloody and bruised mess after a pre-Grammy party. Fast forward four years, Rihanna seems to have suffered a severe case of amnesia and has forgiven her attacker, sitting and snuggling with Brown, in the front row of the Grammy Awards at the Staples Center.

Wearing several diamond rings on the red carpet, Rihanna replaced the bling with a simple band for her Bob Marley tribute. Her observant Twitter fans had their eyes on her finger and the speculation began,

‘Is that a wedding ring on Rihanna?’ tweeted several followers

Rihanna and Chris are all about the attention. Was this just another way to get everyone talking about the couple? Just in case it wasn’t, Brown upped the ante and acted like an ass when his new enemy, Frank Ocean, won a Grammy. Ocean received a standing ovation, and Chris Brown refused to stand, sitting with a puss on his face. Typical Chris Brown behavior.

If anyone can tell us what Rihanna sees in Chris Brown we would love to hear it. Maybe we are missing something?  He has millions of fans – someone has to know.


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