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Ricky Martin Wants to Adopt More Kids

Ricky Martin already has his hands full with 2-year-old twin boys Matteo and Valentino – but he says he’s open to the idea of adding to the brood.

“Adoption is beautiful – give it a try. Even though I started with surrogacy, adoption is probably my next step,” Martin told Extra.

The Puerto Rican singer made the revelation after he performed with Katy Perry and others at the CBS special A Home for the Holidays, which which raises awareness about adoption.

“I had to be here as a father… 20,000 children have been beautifully impacted by this project,”he said.

Martin, who turns 39 on Christmas Eve, also said he is looking forward to Christmas with his boys.

“Now it’s not about me, it’s about my children. The holidays are for them.

“I guess I’ll get up early in the morning – they’re only two years old so I’m teaching them what the holidays are all about. This is really their first Christmas so let’s wait and see.”

As for his birthday wish…

“I just want my children to be happy and to be healthy. And I guess that’s my wish.”

What a sweetheart. Dip that guy in gold!


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