Ricky Gervais: Chimpanzee Experiments Not OK

British comedian (and hottie if you ask me) Ricky Gervais is pleading with the U.S. government to stop backing the experiments on chimpanzees at a Texas research laboratory.

One of the chimpanzees that Ricky is speaking for and that tugs at his heart is Rosie. She is one of the 14 chimpanzees at the laboratory who has been chemically immobilized 99 times by laboratory workers. Can you imagine what this poor girl has gone through? The 29-year-old chimpanzee was given a a reprieve from testing, but then the government moved her back into a laboratory cage.

Here is Ricky’s letter to the U.S. Government. If this strikes a cord with you, you can send a letter to the same person Ricky did:

I don’t  mean to reduce such a very serious thing as these experiments to sex, but Ricky Gervais has it all going on: he’s cute, funny, smart and he’s a huge animal advocate! In the words of Paris Hilton: that’s hot! I can’t not deny this any longer.

In all seriousness, this practice needs to stop. I understand that science and advancement thereof is important, but chimpanzees are as close to a human as any animal is going to get. Can you imagine performing these experiments on humans? It’s just not right.


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