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Ricki Lake Says 'Dancing With the Stars' Has Helped Her Sex Life

Ricki Lake recently told People magazine how her sex life has improved, thanks to 'Dancing with the Stars.' Ricki's fiance Christian Evans (pictured below) is apparently reaping the rewards of her new body and bedroom stamina.

"Oh my god, my love life is pretty spicy," Lake said. "When I get home (from rehearsals), I train horizontally. (My fiance) has noticed a difference in my stamina over the last couple weeks."

"(Dance partner Derek Hough) knows all about (my sex life)," she admitted. "He hears about it. Derek and I have gotten to know each other, so you know, I share stuff with him."

"I guess that means I'm not working her hard enough during rehearsal,' Hough said. "I want her to go home and collapse."

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Lake, who once weighed 270 pounds, cuts a more defined figure than she did just a year ago. The star revealed she has already shed five inches from her waist and five inches from her hips, crediting Hough's training.

"The Derek Hough diet is the best," she laughs. "It's hardcore."


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