Calls to Rescind White House Invitation to Rapper Common


LOS ANGELES, CA -- The invitation of rapper Common by First Lady Michelle Obama to an "Evening of Poetry" at the White House this evening has created quite a stir. The rapper has threatened former President George W. Bush with lyrics like 'burn a bush'; he's a follower of Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.; and he supports convicted cop-killer and former Black Panther Assata Shakur. Shakur escaped from prison in 1979, and is living in asylum in Cuba. BOND Action Founder and President, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, released the following statement calling on the White House to withdraw the invitation:

"It's a high insult for the White House to host a rapper who has threatened former President George W. Bush. Common has also uttered lyrics about killing police officers and supports a convicted cop killer. It's a shame that the White House is doing this during the same week that lawmen across the nation gather in Washington to honor their fallen fellow officers. The invitation sends the wrong message to the youth and the country at large. I'm sure it's a politically motivated move to rally young minority voters for Obama; but it's racially divisive and is horribly offensive.

"It's apparent that the Obama's are very comfortable associating with racists and left-wing radicals. First we had Barack and Michelle attending Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.'s racist church for 20 years. We then heard the disturbing reports of Barack Obama's past association with terrorist Bill Ayers. On Easter Sunday the president and first lady attended the church of Rev. Wallace Smith -- yet another race-baiting black minister. And now we have Michelle Obama inviting a rapper who defends cop killers to the White House. When will this president and first lady stop associating with radicals and racially divisive characters? 

"Had President Bush hosted a white rocker with the same background as Common, the mainstream media and so-called 'civil rights leaders' would be up in arms. Common should have his invitation and White House pass revoked immediately!"


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