Report: Charlie Sheen Suffered 4 Recent Near-Fatal Overdoses


A disturbing new claim in the Charlie Sheen saga: The troubled actor has suffered at least four near-fatal cocaine overdoses over the past six months. A report in the National Enquirer claims that each time, Sheen was saved by a nitroglycerin pill, which is commonly used to prevent heart attacks.

"Since Charlie's latest tailspin began in October, he's suffered at least four potentially fatal cocaine overdoses -- maybe even more -- but his life was saved each time by people who rushed to his side and rescued him," a source told the Enquirer.

The report claims Sheen carries the pills around with him, slipping one under his tongue if his heart starts to race while using cocaine. But the Enquirer said there have been times when Sheen could not take the pill in time.

The source said Sheen has been found "strewn across the floor, sweating bullets, while he was going in and out of consciousness. Luckily they got to him in time and were able to get a nitroglycerin pill under his tongue."

During once incident, the source said Sheen was home alone and could not find his pills. He reportedly called a friend before collapsing, who came running to his house.

"Fortunately, this pal knew exactly what to do -- give Charlie a pill under his tongue -- and he eventually came out of it," said the source.


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