Report: Ashton Kutcher Rated Girls as 'Hot Tub Worthy or Not'

Reports say that Ashton Kutcher was rating girls as "hot tub worthy or not" during that infamous night out in San Diego on the weekend of his sixth wedding anniversary.

Within hours of the reported hot-tub encounter, Sara Leal would allege that the evening ended in sex with Kutcher, prompting speculation that one of the entertainment industry’s most improbable May to December romances is over.

One of her Leal's friends, party promoter Gavin Naumoff, 23, told the Daily Mail: "Sara’s a great girl. My job is to round up hot girls and bus them into clubs in San Diego or Vegas. The girls get free booze, food, whatever, and they attract rich and famous guys to the clubs. It’s a two-way street. The girls get to meet rich men and the guys get what they want."

Pointing proudly to photographs he took recently of a topless Leal, he bragged: "She was off her head, we all were. She’s a wild girl and loves to party. She is someone who knows what she wants and is determined to get it."

However, her Leal's father Arturo described her as "innocent" to the Daily Mail: "I have no comment on what’s going on except that she’s a wonderful girl, an innocent girl, and I don’t like the way people are talking about her."

But one of her closest childhood friends, who asked not to be named, said: "I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true. She was always a party girl who wanted to get out of McAllen."

"From the time we were in high school, I think she hoped to find a richer older guy to take care of her. She wasn’t great at anything in particular that would have enabled her to make it on her own. But she was good at looking good. She dyed her brunette hair blonde and wore risque clothes."


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