Angelina Jolie Won’t Play Marilyn Monroe in Film


Angelina Jolie has no plans to hit the peroxide bottle and portray Marilyn Monroe in a movie, says her rep.

Reports earlier this week said Jolie would play Monroe in an adaptation of Andrew O’Hagan’s The Life And Opinions Of Maf The Dog, And Of His Friend Marilyn Monroe.

Author O’Hagan supposedly “confirmed” Jolie would embody the blonde bombshell, and that George Clooney would play Monroe’s close friend Frank Sinatra.

Cobblers, says Jolie’s rep, telling the Los Angeles Times: Angelina is NOT attached to this project.”

Jolie also trashed the casting rumour at the London premiere of Salt earlier this week.

“This is a new rumour, she told reporters.

“It’s really funny because I have just heard about this for the first time today, she said.

“It’s news to me. I’m flattered, I suppose.”



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