Reese Witherspoon’s Ass Driving Neighbours Crazy? Not What You Think

Oh dear, Reese Witherspoon apparently has noisy asses. Yes, plural. Minds out of the gutter, please. We’re talking asses of the four-legged kind here!

According to Us Weekly magazine, Witherspoon’s donkeys, Honky and Tonky, are annoying her neighbours close to her ranch in Ojai, California, with their loud he-haws.

“They’re driving us crazy!” a source said. “It’s so bad that a few residents have sent her a letter.”

But the neighbours don’t want Reese, who lives there with her husband Jim Toth, son Deacon, 7, and daughter Ava, 11, to pack her bags and leave. Just tone down the asses.

“She’s beloved here,” a local resident said. “I’m not even sure she knows what’s going on.”

Guess what, she does now!

The Water for Elephants star keeps a host of animals on her ranch.

“This year we got donkeys. They’re really cute,” she said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in December.

“They’re actually miniature donkeys…They’re docile and sweet.

“I [also] have two pigs, and I have three goats and I have 20 chickens and of course I have three dogs. And I have one horse. It’s hanging out with the donkey, it’s sweet.”


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