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Reese Witherspoon, Jim Toth Spotted in Belize

Celebrate 35th birthday – check. 
Marry hubby Jim Toth at Ojai, California home – check.
Promote new film, ‘Water For Elephants’ – check.
Squeeze in honeymoon – check! 

Can we say BUSY? By the sounds of Reese Witherspoon’s hectic schedule as of late, no wonder the girl needed to get away, not to mention celebrate her new marriage with CAA agent Jim Toth. 

The happy couple were spotted hand in hand with her two kids, Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7 strolling the streets of Belize. The actress was wearing a straw hat, a white T-shirt and jeans and according to sources, looked happy as can be. 

Well I hope so – starting off a marriage so hectically might be tough for the couple, especially with Reese’s career so demanding. Although brief, Reese is due back in Los Angeles soon where she’ll have to get back to work promoting her new film, which is out in theaters April 22. Life can’t be that hard away from your hubby when you get to hang out with RPattz…that’s just my opinion.

I for one am glad to see her happy again, she’s definitely had her ups and downs in several high profile relationships. It appears she’s found the perfect companion in Toth, so let’s hope this one lasts folks!!

Image credit to WENN


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