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Record Label Tells Lady Gaga to Gain Weight

Lady Gaga, get some meat on you! That she did, but it wasn’t exactly what her record label bosses had in mind, if rumours are to be believed…

According to, Gaga’s peeps at Interscope have told her she’s too thin and needs to put on weight.

The singer has supposedly shed pounds this year and had a number of health scares, and her label’s concerned.

“She was baffled by the request since the industry usually only wants skinny,”an insider said.

“She feels like she almost can’t win either way. Her record company said she can’t continue moving at breakneck speed without eating. These habits have to end right now.”

And while they’re down there, MTV digs up a morsel about a new biography of the star which claims Gaga’s old neighbours thought she was a prostitute.

Well, now that you mention it…

Gaga, who lived in New York’s Lower East Side in 2006, was accused of being a prozzie by a neighbour’s sister, who said, Did you know there is a prostitute that lives in the building?

Interviewed by the author for the book, the old neighbour spilled, “She said, ‘I saw this girl stumbling up the stairs at 4am wearing, like, nothing, and she was drunk’. And I just remember thinking, ‘Oh, great. What a scummy building I live in now’.”



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