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Rebecca Black Takes Down "Friday" Video From YouTube

Well, it’s official, the world has finally been relieved of the nauseating (but slightly wonderful in a kill-me-now sort of way) song Friday! Friday! Friday! by Rebecca Black. The singer recently yanked the video off of YouTube and, as TMZ reports, it’s all over a fight regarding her image as an artist/singer as a person.

Those awesome people  over at TMZ (yeah, they’re fairly awesome) spoke with a rep for Black who had this to say:

“We can confirm that we submitted a Take Down Notice to YouTube as a result of the dispute we have with Ark Music regarding the ‘Friday’ video.”

Apparently, Black’s people have warned Ark that they’d take legal action against them if the situation escalates into something where that seems justifiable. Earlier this week, Ark–the company in charge of the YouTube account where Black’s video was housed–turned the video into a $2.99 rental without Black’s permission.

I’m really interested in how all of our faithful readers feel about this. Therefore, I’ve created a poll to gauge your reactions to this event that, I feel, has eclipsed all other celebrity newsworthy events this week. Hope you all have a specacular [insert Rebecca's fantastic voice here]. . .”FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY!”


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