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"Friday" Singer Rebecca Black Under Police Protection After Death Threats

Rebecca Black’s song ‘Friday‘ was an assault to the senses for sure, but to be receiving death threats and requiring police protection? Someone clearly has a few screws loose.

Radar Online is reporting that Rebecca received two death threats, and according to Anaheim Police spokesmen Rick Martinez:

“One of the threats came over the phone and another emailed.”

He adds: “The threats were related to getting the music off the Internet or they would kill her. We are taking the threats very seriously.

“Officers are keeping a watchful eye on her during this on-going investigation.”

How messed up is someone to threaten a 13 year old girl for a song that has gone crazy viral on YouTube? What a sicko. Her video has been watched more than 110 million times.

If you haven’t heard the video, have a listen.

Okay, so you probably hate the song, but do you not  think death threats is going a little far?

Photos: Nikki Nelson/WENN


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