YouTube Singer Rebecca Black Fights Off Internet Abuse


YouTube sensation Rebecca Black has been deluged with Internet abuse since she recorded the song "Friday," but she seems to be handling it remarkably well.

The 13-year-old girl recorded the song for Ark Music Factory, a studio that produces music videos for teens. It's a pay-to-play deal: for a fee, a teenager gets to star in his or her very own video, singing a song written by the studio.

Rebecca's song and video were terrible: the Internet soon caught on, and the show Tosh.O's blog and the Web site The Daily What posted articles mocking it. YouTube commenters called Rebecca a slew of horrible names. The video became such a sensation -- viewed over 16 million times -- that Rebecca appeared on Good Morning America to discuss it, and all the abuse surrounding it.

On GMA, Rebecca said commenters on YouTube and Comedy Central had left her notes saying things like, "I hope you cut yourself, and I hope you get an eating disorder so you'll look pretty. And I hope you go cut and die."

Rebecca's been sticking up for herself via Twitter, retweeting any negative comments she gets that amuse her. She also gave an interview to The Daily Beast, where she said she feels like she's been cyberbullied. She could have taken the video off YouTube, she says, but she didn't want to give in to the "haters." She points out that she didn't write the song, nor did she produce the video.

Rebecca is now famous, for all the wrong reasons - but she's choosing to make an opportunity out of it rather than letting it get her down. Her talk-show appearances and Web interviews have probably made her some money, and her fame will fade as the next Internet meme takes hold. She seems like a smart girl who's not going to let a misguided vanity video ruin her life.


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