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Reality TV Stars Crazy For Fuzzy Slippers?

Sometimes, you just watch too much television. When you have to watch things, and you pay attention in a slightly different way than perhaps most people do, you’ll notice little bits that get by most people. It’s not always a good thing.

With all the recent hype of Jersey Shore, and of course… Snooki, I couldn’t help but see quite a bit of footage related to the much-hyped drunken stagger. Then we got several bits of – this is what she was doing before, this was her after, this was her a week ago, and on and on.

With that mix came the above picture, and there was something a bit familiar, and a bit odd about it. While there was a certain beauty to the fact that she was wearing slippers, they drew me in.

Then the slippers were brought to my attention again, and I discovered that they were some sort of reality television phenomenon. I soon discovered that they were indeed these –

I was alerted that they had been spotted on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

Well, not that I was moved by any indication that anyone else would care, but I wanted to know what these things were, and why people were wearing them. I have to confess that the energy I was interested in devoting to this did not deliver a great deal of info, but it turns out they are Fuzzy Friends from AromaHome as you can see by the link above.

I’m not absolutely convinced that “Just like Snooki wears,” is necessarily the endorsement any company is looking for, but I’ve been wrong about such things before.

So, the question is, what’s going on with the slipper trend? Are these somehow hip and cool (they do look pretty comfy)? Is there a push in the slipper industry I don’t know about? Or, are these just in the reality star swag bags?

Reality TV Stars Are Crazy For Fuzzy Friends – What Gives? is a post from: Are You Screening?


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