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Reality TV Star Tila Tequila Posts Nazi Picture to Facebook (Photo)

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Reality TV star Tila Tequila emerged from obscurity after she recently posted a picture of herself on Facebook wearing a swastika and an SS hat, while standing in front of the entrance to an Auschwitz prison camp.

The caption for the picture reads: “Tilisis is the Goddess of Love and War! Learn your facts!”

In response to the criticism she faced for the picture, the star responded that she is not anti-Semitic, but that others are close-minded about the so-called true history of Hitler.

Interestingly, Tequila has posted a number of Nazi images and references since her announcement two years ago that she was converting to Judaism.

“I just feel like the Jewish people have such a beautiful way about them,” Tequila wrote, “and I can’t wait to officially be Jewish. Shabbat Shalom.”

In a new song Tequila posted Sunday, she refers to herself as “Hitila”. She includes lyrics like “Jewluminati motherf*ckers hate me” and “Worldwide genocide, blame it on the Jews.”

In April 2012, Tequila entered rehab when suffered a brain aneurysm after an accidental drug overdose.

Sources: MediaITE, GossipCop


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