Raven Symone Responds to Lesbian Rumors

Actress Raven Symone has lashed out at speculation in the tabloids about her sexuality. She insists that her love life is no-one’s business but her own.

This week the former child star has come under scrutiny in a National Enquirer expose which suggested that she was living in New York with rumored girlfriend AzMarie Livingston, a contestant on Tyra Banks’ reality TV show America’s Next Top Model.

The article prompted an annoyed Symone to blast the claims on Twitter, though she refused to set the record straight about her sexual orientation. She believes that such information should be private. She insists that she living her personal life the way that makes her the happiest and she has never in her 25 year career disclosed who she is dating and is not about to start now. She described herself as not someone who puts her life on public display, only her career.

Symone is currently on stage in New York in a Broadway musical role in Sister Act.


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