Naked, Raunchy Photos of Christina Aguilera Surface

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Christina Aguilera: Before you leave a hotel room, make sure you check every nook and cranny for belongings.

The singer has been left red-faced after hundreds of intimate photos of her have reportedly surfaced, including snaps of her in bed with boyfriend Matt Rutler.

The snaps were on a digital storage card that was found in a French hotel where Aguilera and Rutler had stayed, reports RadarOnline.

They website says they were approached by a man trying to sell the entire album. They did get to see 109 of the photos, time-stamped from June through to November 2010. The seller maintains he found the camera card discarded in the upmarket hotel room.

Amongst the pics were shots from Nichole Ritchie’s bachelorette party, which Aguilera attended. One snap has Aguilera posing with Ritchie whilst drinking and smoking a cigar. A bikini-clad Ritchie is also reportedly snapped with a blow up male doll strapped to her, and another sipping champagne on a private jet. Tame so far.

Pics from another bachelorette party where Lindsay Lohan’s ex girlfriend, Sam Ronson is in attendance. Aguilera is also pictured with two naked men who appear to be strippers, imitating performing oral sex on a man holding a sex toy. And again getting down and dirty with a faux oral sex act on a chocolate-covered banana at a theme park.

No need to go any further with that lot. I’m sure you get the drift.

All the above are admittedly private photos. However, with Aguilera’s recent behaviour culminating in being arrested for public intoxication, this latest news isn’t the best. More so if the photos start circulating on the net.

A note to celebrities – keep it under lock and key, or don’t do it.

Oh, the scandal!


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